Remember the Veterans on Veteran’s Day

Moses Taylor Jr. Post #136 – American Legion will hold its Annual Veterans’ Day Ceremony on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 11:00 am in front of the Veterans War Memorial located in front of the Public Library, 100 Main Street. (Photo by Vito Pasquale)

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Unofficial Results from Election in Mount Kiscco

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EVNY Establishes Business to Create Employment Opportunities for Autistic Adults

Extraordinary Ventures New York (EVNY) is a local start-up established for the purpose of creating employment opportunities for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. EVNY does this by starting small businesses that will then create job opportunities geared towards the unique skills of adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Established by local families in 2015, EVNY opened its doors at 350 Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco on September 25, 2017 and currently focuses on candle and jewelry production and sales.  EVNY plans to quickly expand its operations to include a laundry business and an office solutions business, among others.  EVNY also plans to provide vocational skills training for students from local schools.

EVNY provides employment opportunities to adults with a wide range of functioning levels and, where necessary, employees are supported by job coaches in their work. Our employees love their jobs and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work and earn paychecks.

EVNY candles and bracelets make wonderful gifts, favors and keepsakes for all types of special events. An EVNY gift can be customized by our employees to fulfill individual specifications to reflect a special day.  “Nothing makes me prouder than hearing one of our employees say, I am going to work today.” Says Liz Oliveto, Executive Director.

For more information please visit

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Pumpkin Patch at UMC: A Fall Tradition

Every year, the United Methodist Church, on the corner of E. Main Street and Smith Street brightens Mount Kisco with its Pumpkin Patch.

The hours of operation are in the picture below.  Purchasing a pumpkin is a great way to support your community.%kisco%mount kisco news


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Bedford Central Budget and Board Election on May 17

The vote on the Bedford Central School District budget and the board of education elections will be held on Tuesday, May 17 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. To vote, residents must go to their local elementary school.

With respect to the budget, the proposed budget, which totals almost $129.7 million, calls for override of the state-mandated cap on increases in property taxes.   The cap restricts increases to the lower of two percent or the rate of inflation. The proposed levy increase is by 3.82 percent, or $4.4 million.  A budget complying with the cap would have only allowed for an increase of up to $1.5 million.

For the school board elections, the lineup is:

Jennifer Gerken (Incumbent – Bedford) versus Michelle Brooks (Bedford).

Suzanne Grant (Incumbent – Mount Kisco) versus Pam Harney (Pound Ridge).

Michael Solomon (Incumbent – Pound Ridge) versus Beth Staropoli (Mount Kisco)

The Bedford Central School District uses an archaic district system versus an at-large system that would allow the top three vote getters to receive a board seat.

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Chappaqua and New Castle Recognize Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and every year on April 2, Autism Speaks celebrates its  international “Light It Up Blue” campaign to raise awareness of autism. Thousands of iconic landmarks, skyscrapers, schools, businesses and homes across the globe unite by shining bright blue lights in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism. New Castle Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein noted this as a recent New Castle Town Board meeting and encouraged individuals everywhere are encouraged to wear blue on that day.

Further recognition goes to Chappaqua Hardware for selling discounted blue light bulbs and making a donation of $1 to Autism Speaks for every blue light bulb sold.

Autism impacts families around the globe.  Awareness is the first step on the path to acceptance.  Support autism awareness and the charities that support the families that need help.%kisco%mount kisco news

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April Snow in Mount Kisco

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Mount Kisco Elementary School Pasta Dinner – March 11, 2016

On Friday, March 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, the MKES 5th graders will be holding their  annual Pasta Dinner at the Mount Kisco Elementary School. The school cafeteria will be transformed into a quaint Italian restaurant. The 5th graders will be the most enthusiastic waiters and waitresses during the event as their family members work in the kitchen. The Pasta Dinner is one of a series of fundraisers throughout the school year in which the fifth graders work to earn money to contribute to the cost of special field trips for their class.

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G.O. Kosher Opens in Mount Kisco

%kisco%mount kisco news To fill the void created by Kisco Kosher, G.O. Kosher opened at 41 South Moger Avenue down one of the alleyways between Moger Avenue and the village parking lot

G.O. Kosher which stands for gourmet and organic kosher food is for take out or catering. Closed on Saturday and on Friday three hours before sunset.

They had a ribbon cutting on Monday and, of course, Mayor Cindrich was there but next time he needs to jockey for a better spot.

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Remember the Veterans on Wednesday

%kisco%mount kisco newsThe annual Veteran’s Day American Legion ceremony will take place on Wednesday, November 11 at 11:00 at the Veterans War Memorial in front of the library.

Image supplied by Mount Kisco Daily Photo.

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