100 Days to Election Day: Legislative Races that Affect Mt. Kisco

From Sunday July 25, there were 100 days to election day on November 2, 2010.  The following are legislative races that Mount Kisco residents should learn about for November.  Some of these races will require a primary election which shall take place on September 14. 

US Congress – John Hall (Incumbent)

Democratic Nominee: John Hall recently announced that he is seeking re-election at the opening of the regional state Democratic Party office in Mount Kisco. Congressma Hall was first elected in 2006 and has generally voted with the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives.  He supported the health care legislation that was passed by Congress.   Congressman Hall said Congress has been working to pull the economy out of the “economic ditch that was driven in by the last administration.”

Republican Candidates: There will be a Republican primary between Nan Hayworth, an ophthalmologist who lives just outside of the Village of Mount Kisco, and Neil DiCarlo, a securities compliance officer from Brewster.  Nan Hayworth is the favorite to win the nomination and has lent her campaign $500,000.  She opposes the health care legislation passed by Congress.

State Senate (Vincent Leibell – Incumbent Not Running for Re-election)

Democratic Nominee: Michael Kaplowitz, a Westchester County legislator is the Democratic nominee.  Mr. Kaplowitz describes himself as  fiscal conservative and is proposing pension reform for public employees by eliminating the use of overtime to calculate an employee’s pension.  If that was instituted years ago, it would have saved Mount Kisco thousands of dollars.  Michael Kaplowitz is well known in Mount Kisco and has attended many local events.

Republican Candidates: There will be a Republican primary between Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy and State Assemblyman Greg Ball.  This primary will be hotly contested.  Mr. Ball, a lightning rod, will be campaigning furiously against Ms. Murphy who has the support of many Republican committees.

State Assembly (Robert Castelli – Incumbent)

Democratic Candidates: There will be a Democratic primary between Thomas Roach and Mark Jaffe.  Thomas Roach is currently president of the White Plains Common Council.  Mark Jaffe is President and CEO of the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce; a non for profit group that works with business and civic leaders.  Thomas Roach was endorsed by the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee. 

Republican Nominee: Robert Castelli, from Lewisboro, has been representing the district since February 2009 when he won a special election for the seat.  Since he has a short track record, it is difficult to judge if he has made a difference in Albany.

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