Where to Vote on November 4, 2014

Today is finally election day.  Local voters can decide to vote for the “radical” or the “phony baloney”.  The following is a list of where Mount Kisco residents can vote.

District Number


Primary Streets Included


Mount Kisco Library – 100 Main St.

Boltis, Gregory, Moore, St. Marks Spencer, Spring, West, Woodland


Village Hall

104 Main Street

Brook, Guard Hill Townhouses, Grove, High, Leonard, Thorn, Woodcrest


Mount Kisco Library – 100 Main Street

Allen, Sutton, Valley View,

Parts of Barker, Parts of Carpenter,


Mount Kisco Justice Court

40 Green St.

Beverly, Diplomat, Forest, Grandview, Manchester, Maple, Marion, Parkview, Stewart


Ambulance Corps Building

310 Lexington Ave.

Mount Kisco Chase, Timber Ridge, East Drive, Westway, E. Ridge


Mount Kisco Housing Authority

200 Carpenter Avenue

Amuso, Foxwood

Brookside Village

Parts of Barker, Parts of Carpenter


Mount Kisco Library 100 Main Street

Captain Merritt Hill (other than parts of Mountain and Washburn), Caren, Orchard, Turner

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