On Super Bowl Sunday, Remember the Maroons

Today, as the New York Giants play the New England Patriots (a Jet fan’s nightmare), we should think about those who don’t play for pay.

Mount Kisco is lucky to have the Mount Kisco Junior Football League, Inc. and the football team they support, the Mount Kisco Maroons. The Maroons have a team of coaches that teach 5th and 6th graders how to play football and be part of a team.

The Maroons have players from Mount Kisco, Bedford and Pound Ridge and prepare them to be teammates at Fox Lane. Each year, they donate a college scholarship money to former players to help former Maroons succeed in college.

Stanley Greene and Mike McLoughlin are officers of the Mount Kisco Junior Football League and lead coaches of the Maroons. The players also benefit from the coaching of Coaches Jobin, James, Ken, Kevin, Anthony, Leon and Brian.

At this awards ceremony, Stanley Greene expressed hope that one year, a player of his will be on an NFL sideline and thank him for his coaching. Hopefully, one day that will happen. In reality, he has hundreds of players that thank him for the lessons he teaches them as they grow up to be better men.

This Super Bowl Sunday, remember the Maroons.

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Acadia Closing in Mount Kisco: Another Small Business Not Supported by Village Government

I was disappointed to receive the following email from the owners of Acadia:

After three years in business, owners Dan & Jane Sims are closing Acadia on Main, their outdoor lifestyle retail store in downtown Mt. Kisco. “Although the business was profitable and had grown substantially in spite of a difficult economic climate, in the end we felt it wasn’t worth the time commitment,” said Ms. Sims. “Dan was juggling his full-time job as a sports sales rep while trying to squeeze in time at the store, and I was freelancing as a health writer, driving our two kids to all of their activities, and working on the marketing for the store. We began to feel that the store was eating away the precious little free time we had.” The timing for closing the store coincides with the end of their three-year lease. “We were on the brink of deciding whether or not to renew another lease or just cut free,” said Ms. Sims. “We decided it made the most sense to focus our energies on our respective careers and reclaim our weekends so that we can enjoy time with our kids, who are both in high school and are getting older way too fast!”

Acadia on Main specializes in clothing, footwear and gear for the active lifestyle, including running, hiking, yoga, camping, travel, snow and water sports. The store will be running a Going Out of Business Sale beginning this Friday, February 3rd.

Acadia on Main is located at 115 East Main St., Mt. Kisco. The phone number is 666-6800. Store hours: Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: noon to 5 p.m.

From the email, it is easy to see that it was a struggle to start a new business. A stgruggle that was made more difficult by the Village of Mount Kisco. Dan Sims is an acquaintance of mine that I see occasionally. He approached me one day to ask me a question on how to deal threatening notices he was receiving from the village.

Acadia was receiving violation notices from the village on a regular basis with threats of fines and other penalties. Among their “crimes” was the use of a children’s easel to hold the door open and advertise a daily sale. With all of the housing violations that occur in Mount Kisco, some that have led to fires, one of the Code Enforcement Officer’s and the Building Department’s most important priorities was to harass a local busuiness for the use of a children’s easel. The mugshot of one of Mount Kisco’s most wanted is included below (editor’s note: sometimes the sign would disguise itself with baloons).

I am sorry to see Acadia go. I don’t know if they would have stayed open if the village government was more accommodating and less harrassing, but it could not have hurt. I don’t know what is worse. Does the village board not know that the only Code Enforcement Officer in Mount Kisco is harrassing small independent businesses or do they know and not care?

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Eating my Spinach

I originally started MountKiscoNews as a community forum to report on local events and exchange ideas after the demise of The Patent Trader and consistent local coverage from The Journal News. After all, I was on the Mount Kisco Village Board and had information to share with residents and wanted their input to serve them better.

Soon after I started MountKiscoNews, patch.com started online to help fill the void and now there is TheDailyMtKisco. There is also now a free local paper, The Examiner. Although I really like Tom Auchterlonie and the breadth of stories he covers, Tom and his fellow writers are not Eugene Driscoll, an old writer for The Patent Trader and the best local reporter I have ever worked with. As a result of their focus, the current online publications and The Examiner, in my opinion, do not ask the difficult questions.

I kept MountKiscoNews going for a good while. While most of my stories were positive, some of the stories were critical, including criticism of the Village Board that I served on. In response to some of my articles, a man who I considered a good friend for many years, Mayor J. Michael Cindrich, stopped talking to me (while I was Deputy Mayor) and I have been threatened with law suits (baseless since my articles were factual).

After starting a new job last year, I could not keep up with my daily writing and MountKiscoNews suffered. Unfortunately, there are many stories that need to be told, and with the Village of Mount Kisco’s indifference to many issues that I hold dear, in the words of Popeye, “that’s all I can stand and I can’t stands no more”.

So I am going to try to bring MountKiscoNews back. Most of the articles will be positive but some will be critical or caustic. To quote Popeye again, “I am what I am and that’s all that I am.”

Contributions and comments are always welcome.

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Picture of the Week: Snow Angel

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Mount Kisco Recovers from January Snow

In the first snow storm since October, the members of Mount Kisco’s Highway Department are cleaning up the roads. By about noon, the main roads were clear. As the pictures below show, Route 117 south of Guard Hill (left) and Route 133 going over the railroad tracks (middle), the roads were clear. Driving south on Route 117 from Bedford Hills, there was a noticeable difference between Bedford and Mount Kisco. Mount Kisco roads were plowed.

The members of the Highway Department were clearing the walkways near the library to allow patrons to access the library. Although many programs are closed, library staff braved the snow and opened the library, something to enjoy on a snowy day.

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Photos and Videos from Mount Kisco Fire Department 9/11 Memorial

Yesterday, in Mount Kisco, there was a moving ceremony to dedicate Mount Kisco’s 9/11 Memorial. The ceremony, presided over by Mount Kisco and former New York City Firefighter Richard Alexander featured the fire department and ambulance corps with a moving speech by Governmor Andrew Cuomo. Elected officials such as Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, State Senator Greg Ball, State Assemblyman Robert Castelli and Westchester County Legislator Peter Harckham also spoke at the dedication. More on this dedication will follow. Please see the pictures and video below and this online news story from Channel 6 News using this link. Also, see pictures taken by talented local photographer Art Nelson posted at this website.

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Mount Kisco Fire Deparment 9/11 Memorial Dedication Today at 4:00

While many watched the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial in New York City on television, please remember the dedication of the Mount Kisco 9/11 memorial Monument at 4:00 today. The ceremony will start today with a short parage from Green Street to the monument north of the Mount Kisco Library.

Immediately after the ceremony is a barbeque across the street from the monument at the Mutual Firehouse. Also, afterwards, former Yankee Bernie Williams will perform alongside saxophonist great Mark Rivera. The dedication ceremony and the music will emanate through the local area to help bring residents together as we all remember the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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Mount Kisco Employees Key to Recovery from Hurricane Irene

One week after the storm, the Village of Mount Kisco has cleaned up from Hurricane Irene. Key to these cleanup efforts were the Mount Kisco Highway department, who went into overdrive cleaning up village property and removing the tree branches and limbs taken to the curb by village residents. The employees of the Mount Kisco Highway department are often unsung heroes in Mount Kisco. Let’s thank them for all of their efforts on this Labor Day. It is also appropriate to thank Pete Scala, the Highway Department supervisor, for all of his service and wish him well in his retirement.

Thanks also to the Recreation Department and the Mount Kisco Memorial Pool employees. They quickly cleaned up the pool, fixed the mechanical damage from Hurricane Irene and opened the pool for the Labor Day weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for this last pool day of the season.

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Power Still Out on Captain Merritt’s Hill; Hillside Pump Station

Although power Mount Kisco has been restored in the downtown area and the vast majority of homes, there is still no power in the homes on Captain Merritt’s Hill. While this is definitely an inconvenience to residents, it could have disastrous effects for the Village of Mount Kisco’s water distribution system.

Hillside Avenue and Mount Avenue, the location of a massive tree that fell on Sunday morning, is also the location of the Hillside Avenue pump station. Since power in the neighborhood in out, the pump station is operating by a generator. This pump station is essential to the operation of the village’s water tank and water distribution system. If the pump station is not operating, water pressure could be lost in a wide area of Mount Kisco, including the fire hydrants.

The power was restored briefly and ConEdison thought the problem was solved. The power outage still remains. One Mountain Avenue resident explained, “it was fixed…for ten minutes! Then the fuses on the pole blew out. Those ten minutes were bliss.”

Since the Hillside Avenue pump station is critical to the village’s water distribution system and fire protection, the Village of Mount Kisco should be doing more at this time to get ConEdison to fix the power at Hillside and Mountain.

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