A Firefighter’s Response to False Alarms

Although it is mountkisconews.com’s policy to not printe anonymous responses, I am reprinting this response anonymously because of the content of the message. Yesterday, mountkisconews.com ran a news/opinion article on false alarms at 333 North Bedford Road. I received the following response by email:

Read your story on 333 North Bedford Road and the problem with the automatic fire alarm system. Please understand that is not the only place with a problem, there are many many more. The Automatic Alarm systems are KILLING volunteer fire department all across the country. Just think of all the alarm systems in Mount Kisco, if each one of them only went off once a year for a false alarm, the fire department would still have over 500 false alarms a year. 333 North Bedford Road, along with the hospital, elementary school, post office and Applebee’s are all problem systems.

From this response, it is apparent the Village of Mount Kisco needs to do more than fine the owners of faults automatic false alarms.

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