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Editor and Chief Contributor

Peter DiChiara – Pete DiChiara writes on a variety of issues.  As a former Trustee of Mount Kisco that served as Deputy Mayor, he is aware of Mount Kisco’s strengths and areas where it needs improvement.


Ann Schwartz – Ann contributes articles on Mount Kisco and the people that live and work in Mount Kisco. As a mother of five children, she is aware of everything going on in the schools and in the after-school activities.

William “Bill” O’Reilly – Bill comments on community and political issues.  He has been described as a savvy PR specialist that is widely respected among reporters as tough but fair.  He worked on Rob Astorino’s successful Westchester County executive campaign. He is the author of the Blackberry Alarm Clock.

Lauren DiChiara – Lauren is a college student and intercollegiate lacrosse player Lauren contributes the Quotation of the Week to MountKiscoNews.com.

Victor Pasquale – Vito is a talented photographer that started Mount Kisco Daily Photo and has displayed his work throughout Westchester County.

Elena DiChiara – Elena DiChiara is a student who will share her views and experiences in Mount Kisco.

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  1. Rosa Cannistraci says:

    Dear Friends,

    I would like to share a story with you.

    Last week my wife, Dr. Laura Cannistraci, an orthodontist in Mt. Kisco, saw an elderly woman getting out of her car and attempting to negotiate the snow and ice. Laura offered her arm to this stranger and she took it. They introduced themselves and chatted as Laura escorted her to the bank. Laura heard her name as Mary Lou or Mary Something and she told Laura that she is nearly 89 years old. After completing their transactions, Laura offered to walk her back to her car. Mary was grateful. She is a spiritual woman and she blessed Laura. She told Laura that she worships at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and she invited Laura to visit a Sunday Service.

    Later that evening, Laura told me about her encounter and how much she enjoyed meeting this lovely 88 year old gentlewoman. Mary reminded Laura of her grandmother – sharp and good looking with dark olive skin. Laura expressed that she wished that she could see her again.

    This past Sunday, I planned brunch for my friends, Luis and Emily Perez. I decided as a gift to my wife that I would surprise her with Mary. I sent an e mail to the pastor of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in which I explained how Laura and Mary Lou or Mary Something had met and that I wanted to surprise my wife with her company for brunch on Sunday but I had no idea who she was. The next day I received an email from Pastor Mother Eileen and she told me that the Mary Lou or Mary Something in question was in fact Mary Ellen and that she had contacted her. She said that Mary Ellen would be thrilled to see Laura again and that she would love to join us for brunch. I called Mary Ellen and arranged to pick her up after Sunday service.
    While I was in the middle of preparing Eggs Benedict at 11:30 a.m., I excused myself by telling my wife that I had to send an important fax from my office. I met Mary Ellen at St Marks. We embraced and I told her how glad I was that she was joining us. As I walked her to my car, she said “I know you”. Sometimes people say that to me and I worry about the mug shots in the post office. She stopped me and said “Peter Harckham”. What a coincidence — over a year ago, I held a breakfast at my home to support County Legislator Peter Harckham and Mary Ellen attended.

    My wife was surprised to hear voices coming from the foyer and she was shocked to see Mary Ellen standing next to me. She was even more surprised to hear that Mary Ellen had been to our house before. Mary Ellen retired from teaching physical education and health from the Fox Lane Middle School after thirty years. She is sharp, vibrant, intelligent and community oriented. I have the good fortune of being married to a woman who appreciated the gift of Mary Ellen — a fabulous gift of spirituality, love and kindness.

    Christopher Carthy

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