Acadia Closing in Mount Kisco: Another Small Business Not Supported by Village Government

I was disappointed to receive the following email from the owners of Acadia:

After three years in business, owners Dan & Jane Sims are closing Acadia on Main, their outdoor lifestyle retail store in downtown Mt. Kisco. “Although the business was profitable and had grown substantially in spite of a difficult economic climate, in the end we felt it wasn’t worth the time commitment,” said Ms. Sims. “Dan was juggling his full-time job as a sports sales rep while trying to squeeze in time at the store, and I was freelancing as a health writer, driving our two kids to all of their activities, and working on the marketing for the store. We began to feel that the store was eating away the precious little free time we had.” The timing for closing the store coincides with the end of their three-year lease. “We were on the brink of deciding whether or not to renew another lease or just cut free,” said Ms. Sims. “We decided it made the most sense to focus our energies on our respective careers and reclaim our weekends so that we can enjoy time with our kids, who are both in high school and are getting older way too fast!”

Acadia on Main specializes in clothing, footwear and gear for the active lifestyle, including running, hiking, yoga, camping, travel, snow and water sports. The store will be running a Going Out of Business Sale beginning this Friday, February 3rd.

Acadia on Main is located at 115 East Main St., Mt. Kisco. The phone number is 666-6800. Store hours: Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: noon to 5 p.m.

From the email, it is easy to see that it was a struggle to start a new business. A stgruggle that was made more difficult by the Village of Mount Kisco. Dan Sims is an acquaintance of mine that I see occasionally. He approached me one day to ask me a question on how to deal threatening notices he was receiving from the village.

Acadia was receiving violation notices from the village on a regular basis with threats of fines and other penalties. Among their “crimes” was the use of a children’s easel to hold the door open and advertise a daily sale. With all of the housing violations that occur in Mount Kisco, some that have led to fires, one of the Code Enforcement Officer’s and the Building Department’s most important priorities was to harass a local busuiness for the use of a children’s easel. The mugshot of one of Mount Kisco’s most wanted is included below (editor’s note: sometimes the sign would disguise itself with baloons).

I am sorry to see Acadia go. I don’t know if they would have stayed open if the village government was more accommodating and less harrassing, but it could not have hurt. I don’t know what is worse. Does the village board not know that the only Code Enforcement Officer in Mount Kisco is harrassing small independent businesses or do they know and not care?

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  1. Jeanette says:

    The village certainly learns from NY State. NY State is harassing me with huge fines for not carrying workers’ compensation insurance for my small business which had no employees and has been closed for six years.

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