Another Three Month Anniversary to Inaction

On August 20, 2009, this blog wrote about unresolved court cases in Mount Kisco, especially one stalled case from 2007 where PCBs were illegally dumped near a residential neighborhood.

On November 30, another entry discussed how this case has remained buried like the alleged PCBs and other contaminants on the property for nearly three years.

As previously opined, three years seems like a long time to adjudicate an illegal dumping case but, according to Mount Kisco Town Court Judge John Donohue, it is part of the process. In a November 1, 2009 article in The Journal News, Judge Donohue denied dragging out cases and was quoted as saying “the village prosecutor and defense attorneys make the recommendations for adjournments.” Judge Donohue cannot have forgotten about this property, it is directly across the street from his law office.

Opinions are welcome on why Mount Kisco is not pursuing substantial fines for illegal dumping or zoning violations. Does anyone care?

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