Assemblyman Castelli Issues Release on Governor’s Emergency Spending Bill

In a press release issued on Monday, Assemblyman Castelli, the Assemblyman representing Mount Kisco, issued a press release explaining why he voted against the Governor’s emergency spending bill.

Assemblyman Castelli noted that the bill did not include funding for New York State Department of Transportation capital projects like the Route 120 bridge in Chappaqua.

Assemblyman Castelli then noted in the press release that “[i]f legislative leaders and Governor Patterson are unable to pass a budget before June, then funding for state parks and other important programs will be in real jeopardy.”

I agree with Assemblyman Castelli and his argument. The problem with his statement is that he is not a candidate, but an Assemblyman. If the budget is not passed before June, it is because he, along with other legislative leaders and Governor Patterson are unable to do so. Assemblyman Castelli ran on a platform of reform, it is time for him to start pushing those reforms.

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