BCSD Compensation Published by Newsday

Newsday, a Long Island newspaper, has made available a database with the “compensation information for all active public school employees in New York State, outside of New York City, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010.”

From the database, you can learn that Jere Hochman earned $253,941 and Mark Betz earned $219,811 and that 225 employees earned over $100,000. Please remember that when reviewing this information, nearly all of these salaries were the result of collectively bargained agreements and that most of these employees have advanced degrees.

While not in a database, the top paid employees of publicly-traded companies are also made available on the SEC’s website. On page 42 of Pepsico’s proxy statement, the current Chief Executive Officer, Indra Nooyi, made $15,768,350 in 2009 and the top five officers made a total of $35,481,052. The $35.5 million earned by the top five employees is substantially more than the $27.6 million earned by the 225 employees earning more than $100,000 from the Bedford Central School Distict.

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