Bellizzi Creates New Saturday Night Club for Teens – Opens this Saturday

Bellizzi has created a new club, the Bellizzi “B” Club for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The “B” Club in Bellizzi has been created to allow teens to play, eat, dance in a safe environment. For an admission fee of $20, after 9:00 pm, Bellizzi will open up the “B” Club and the middle schoolers will be able to socialize amongst themselves at Bellizzi.

One of the main goals of the “B” club is for teens to meet other teens in the Northern Westchester area. Bellizzi wants to be a central hub for teens to meet in a comfortable environment with limited adult supervision.

For the “B” Club, Bellizzi has a new game room (see pictures below) with tons of new games and a brand new digital jukebox where teens will get to control the music themselves.

Kids in Mount Kisco grew up at Bellizzi and this is an innovative idea by the owner of Bellizzi, Isi Albanese. Mr. Albanese has always supported youth programs in Mount Kisco and, hopefully, this will be a success.

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