Bellizzi Launches Program for Middle School Students

Bellizzi Restaurant in Mount Kisco has started a new club for 6th to 8th graders. The club will make its premiere with an event on Thursday, August 5, beginning at 9:00 p.m. and lasting until 11:00.

The “Bellizzi B Club” will give 6th to 8th graders sole access to the restaurant and game room for a few hours. After this initial event, the restaurant intends to make it a weekly Saturday night program starting in September. Admission will be $25 for the evening and will include pizza and snacks and $5 in game tokens and activities. Club goers will have the option to join the club for free which reduces the nightly admission to $20. On August 5, the first 50 middle schoolers that register will enter for free.

To prepare for the inception of this club, Isi Albanese, the owner of Bellizzi, updated video games and added a digital juke box so the kids can play any songs and even dance if they choose to. Bellizzi is responding to a significant need for these children in the community–they want to have somewhere to go where they can be themselves with their friends. As an added incentive, Bellizzi will raffle off an Apple iPad and iTunes gift cards, which will be drawn at a B-Club party at the end of September.

Isi is a parent of a middle schooler himself and understands a parent’s concerns for making a meeting place that is safe for the kids. Kids will be dropped off and signed in by a parent or an adult and the kids will not be allowed to leave until they are picked up by an adult. Now this age group has a place to call their own where they can spend time with their friends in a social setting.
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