Borders Chain and Store in Mount Kisco Under Liquidation

This last Sunday, the Borders store in Mount Kisco, along with the rest of the Borders chain, began selling its inventory. While Borders tried to remain in business, its creditors believed that Borders would be able to better pay its debts by liquidating its inventory of books, music and movies.

A steady stream of customers filled the store in Mount Kisco on Sunday. While the merchandise was discounted from 10% to 40%, the prices were still probably not much lower than, one of the larger reasons for the demise of Borders and other book stores. For those with Borders gift cards, this will be the last chance to redeem them.

Hopefully, another book store will replace Borders in Mount Kisco, which was rumored to be one of the stronger stores in the Borders chain. The replacement, however, will probably be smaller with less broad offerings. Borders opened in the late nineties in Mount Kisco. While many in Mount Kisco remember downtown without Borders, young teens have not known Mount Kisco without this retailer and find it sad that it is closing. Retail traffic will have to be driven by new stores, such as Frannies Goodie Shoppe, which is one of many other successful businesses downtown in Mount Kisco.

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