Castelli Wins Assembly Seat

Robert Castelli won the Assembly election for the 89th Assembly District over Westchester County Legislator Peter Harckham. This continues the trend in Westchester County to elect Republicans into office over established office holders.

According to the Westchester County Board of Elections, with 98% of the districts reporting and a light turnout, Robert Castelli received 55% of the vote. See the link to the Westchester County BOE below. Peter Harckham had a slight advantage, receiving more votes on the Democratic line than Castelli did on the Republican line. Castelli, however, was carried to victory with his votes on the Independent and Conservative lines. In Mount Kisco, which has over 5,000 voters and had approximately 2,500 registered voters vote in the last gubernatorial election, only 777 voters went to the polls and favored Harckham by a 411 to 366 margin.

Castelli, as a Republican, will be in the minority in the New York State Assembly where the Democrats have a greater than 2 to 1 advantage. With that disparity, it is unlikely that Mount Kisco and the surrounding communities will receive state funding for many municipal projects.

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