Cranes for Japan in Mount Kisco

 Today as I was walking through town, I saw this crazy tree covered with paper cranes. Right below it there was a sign that said Cranes for Japan.

At first it seemed like a place to donate and I guessed it was for every donation, they would make a crane for their tree.

Mount Kisco’s Cranes for Japan is much more sentimental than that. Cranes are signs of hope in Japan and when something bad happens, they would fold cranes. Hopefully, they could make a thousand cranes because that’s considered the most optimal number. That piece of culture is what Cranes for Japan is trying to replicate.

Even though it will be difficult to get to a thousand, they’ll try, volunteers are folding, hanging, and teaching others how to make cranes. Anyone can contribute and are encouraged to.  

For Japan, this isn’t health care, necessary money, or help for radiation but this is needed just as much. This is hope. Whenever you may see that tree, I hope you can see the support we’re trying to give right here in Mount Kisco.   

Thank you to Maria Colaco, a Mount Kisco resident, for being the primary coordinator for this event.

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