Democrats Nominate Candidates

As announced by The Examiner, the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee nominated two residents to run for Trustees of the Village of Mount Kisco. One of the nominations is to replace Trustee Peter Grunthal who is retiring from service after 7 years. The other nomination is to replace Deputy Mayor Peter DiChiara who has ten years of service as a Trustee in Mount Kisco.

The Mount Kisco Democratic Committee selected Joseph Morreale, 65, a long-time member of the Mount Kisco Planning Board and Jean Farber, 61, a resident of Mount Kisco for four years.

Deputy Mayor DiChiara provided the following statement to The Examiner:

“I am not seeking the endorsement of the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee but may seek the endorsement of the Mount Kisco voters. I am considering all of my options from running on an independent line and/or collecting my own signatures and running in a Democratic primary. I would prefer being elected by voters than being appointed by a committee.

As of last July, registered Democrats made up over 43% of the voters in Mount Kisco and the Democratic Committee nominee, selected by a handful of people, always wins the election. While I supported and still support village elections in November, I think Mount Kisco and other local municipalities would be best served by non-partisan elections where local candidates appear on a ballot without titles.

I have been on the Village Board for ten years. If I am unable to win a general election without the endorsement of the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee then I will retire from my service on the board.”

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