Deputy Mayor is Wrong

In a January 10, 2010 article in The Journal News written by Leah Rae (see link), Port Chester Deputy Mayor Domenick Cicatelli discussed Port Chester’s conversion from parking meters to pay stations for on-street parking and parking lots.

Port Chester also is considering raising its parking rates to $0.75 per hour ($0.25 for twenty minutes). Deputy Mayor Cicatelli was quoted “I don’t care where you go, nobody give 30 minutes for a quarter.” Unfortunately, the Deputy Mayor is wrong. In Mount Kisco, the parking rates are 30 minutes for a quarter and parking on Sunday and after 6:00 p.m. is free. Parking in Mount Kisco is much easier than in Port Chester, White Plains and other Westchester commercial centers.

Of course, being Deputy Mayor is a difficult and dangerous job. Please read the linked article form BBC News describing the 2007 death of the Deputy Mayor of Delhi, India (see link).

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