DiChiara and Grunthal Propose Law to Ban “Lodging Houses”

In the recent meetings of the Mount Kisco Village Board, Deputy Mayor Peter DiChiara and Trustee Peter Grunthal have introduced a new law to ban “lodging houses” in Mount Kisco. Although the definition is still being ironed out, a lodging house would be defined as a dwelling unit with any of the following:

a) meals or food costs are not shared and/or there is evidence that food is purchased by residents separately, or kept in rooms another than the kitchen, pantry or dining room area;

(b) residents do not have unrestricted access to all parts of the residence, by closure, locked doors or separation of any part of the dwelling unit;

(c) bedrooms or rooms having a bed or furniture used for sleeping comprise over [60%] of the space within the residence;

(d) the doors on bedrooms or rooms having a bed or furniture used for sleeping have deadbolt lock, padlock and/or combination lock;

(e) there is evidence that rent is pooled by the residents and paid to the owner or owner’s agent. (the owner or owner’s agent may or may not be one of the residents);

(f) mail is received in separate mailboxes; or

(g) utilities for residents are separated through separate utility meters, electrical or cable connections and/or satellite dishes and/or separate subscriptions or accounts for such utilities, including electric, phone and/or cable or satellite television.

This idea for this new law was developed after Mount Kisco fire fighters and policeman noticed padlocked doors in apartments and houses in Mount Kisco and overloaded sockets from cooking appliances in individual rooms. By outlawing lodging houses and fining their owners, Mount Kisco will hopefully be a safer place for all residents and emergency service providers.

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2 Responses to DiChiara and Grunthal Propose Law to Ban “Lodging Houses”

  1. Susan Riley says:

    I think this law will help prevent overcrowding and potential fires. Safety comes first!

  2. Kathleen May says:

    Excellent idea! If you needed support for this all you need to is get a few volunteers together to go to the residents of Mount Kisco and it would be supported on a grand scale. I would definitely help. Mount Kisco needs to find a way to outlaw these types of homes. The village certainly is not benefitting from the income produced.

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