Diversity of Housing in Mount Kisco; Consideration of Neighbors

Mount Kisco has a diverse housing stock from large single-family homes to apartment buildings. There is also a great disparity among homeowners. Some homeowners care for their properties while others show no regard for their neighbors or their communities. A perfect example is on West Main Street where Mount Kisco has one of its most beautiful homes, known as the Dollhouse (for its use in the American Girl book series) or the Ragtime House (for its use in the movie Ragtime).

On the other end of the spectrum is the house next door to the Dollhouse, known as the Tyvek house (for the protective wrapping that has been exposed for years) or the Appalachian house. This house, which has been under renovation for years has construction material stored throughout the yard, an unprotected open construction site into which children can wander, exposed plywood and insulation, scaffolding that has been up for years, peeling and unpainted surfaces and general uncleanliness. Click on the below pictures to get a clearer picture.

This resident, Bruce Hartleben, must have no consideration for his neighbors or the community. At one of the gateways to Mount Kisco, one of the first homes visitors see is the Hartleben home. Unfortunately, the building department and the courts have no solution to this problem. The Mount Kisco courts have been considering this case, but like most cases in Mount Kisco courts, it has been constantly adjourned without any progress – much like the improvements on Mr. Hartleben’s house.

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