EVNY Establishes Business to Create Employment Opportunities for Autistic Adults

Extraordinary Ventures New York (EVNY) is a local start-up established for the purpose of creating employment opportunities for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. EVNY does this by starting small businesses that will then create job opportunities geared towards the unique skills of adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Established by local families in 2015, EVNY opened its doors at 350 Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco on September 25, 2017 and currently focuses on candle and jewelry production and sales.  EVNY plans to quickly expand its operations to include a laundry business and an office solutions business, among others.  EVNY also plans to provide vocational skills training for students from local schools.

EVNY provides employment opportunities to adults with a wide range of functioning levels and, where necessary, employees are supported by job coaches in their work. Our employees love their jobs and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work and earn paychecks.

EVNY candles and bracelets make wonderful gifts, favors and keepsakes for all types of special events. An EVNY gift can be customized by our employees to fulfill individual specifications to reflect a special day.  “Nothing makes me prouder than hearing one of our employees say, I am going to work today.” Says Liz Oliveto, Executive Director.

For more information please visit www.EVNY.org.

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