Father-Son Robbery Shows Need for Development on Maple Avenue

The arrest of Jevon Courtney Odum and Jeven Courtney Odum Jr. on Maple Avenue on charges that they were involved in a robbery on Maple Avenue was turned into a punchline by many news sources. The event, however, shows that Mount Kisco needs to force changes in neighborhoods that do not have a high percentage of owner occupied housing. One change would be to build owner occupied affordable housing on Maple Avenue.

There is a current proposal to build approximately 20 townhouses to be subsidized by state and county funds on Maple Avenue. Each townhouse will have a garage and a front door opening on to Maple Avenue. The townhouses will be offered to local residents with plans to give first preference to volunteer first responders, second preference to village employees and third preference to Bedford Central School District employees. As part of this project, the current playground will be moved south on Maple Avenue and be a part of the townhouse project.

For the village to just sell the land and allow absentee landlords to build more rental housing would be a lost opportunity.

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