Kisco Fix: Fix Neglect on Maple Avenue

Fifth in a Series

As this space wrote, there are quite a few projects and tasks that need to be performed in Mount Kisco. Some of these are small capital projects while others might involve hiring a new employee or passing a new local law. Others are projects, like the one highlighted today, are simple projects that can make the village look a little nicer.

There was a community center on Maple Avenue. After the community center closed, the building was used as a temporary home for the library during construction of a new library. The building, parking lot and adjacent lot have been empty for fifteen months. In that fifteen months, nothing has been done to improve any of the properties.

It is hard to believe that the images below were taken in a suburban community and not the Bronx. From left to right: (1) the parking lot is rutted with no lines for any cars that park in it; (2) basketball pole with no backboard or hoop; (3) empty lot with rocks and other debris that prevent its use.

How much would it cost to paint lines, put up a basketball hoop and put some dirt on the empty lot to make this Maple Avenue property a little more presentable and useful?

There is a patten here where the status quo remains. See previous posts under the category Kisco Projects: Replace Bridge Over Branch Brook (November 15); Kisco’s New Landmark-Mercury Hill (November 29); Make Final Improvements at Fox Park (December 6); and Plant Screening along the Train Tracks at South Moger (December 13).

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