Flooding Closes Mt Kisco Library for Thursday

The Mt. Kisco Library will be closed on Thursday due to flooding throughout the children’s and teen room.  As we reported, this past Sunday afternoon, a sprinkler broke in the children’s craft/storyhour room, pouring water throughout the craft room, children’s room, teen room, hallway and the lobby, flooding all the way to the circulation desk.  
On Tuesday, a water pipe burst in the area outside of the children’s restroom, which created a flood throughout the children’s room, very deep into the teen room, and the children’s librarians’ office. 

The library will be closed Thursday and the children’s and teen’s areas will be closed until further notice.

Both floods were started by pipes breaking indoors. This may be a result of poor design, workmanship or parts used. Hopefully, the town will be able to recoup the repair and cleanup costs.

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