Further Delays in Planting Trees to Block Sign on Saw Mill Parkway

At the November 1, 2010 Mount Kisco Board of Trustees meeting, the mayor read a letter from John Medini of Washburn Road. The letter, addressed to state officials, complained about a sign placed on the Saw Mill Parkway that is an eyesore to residents of Washburn Road.

This is the same complaint that was lodged by Deputy Mayor Pete DiChiara at several other meetings. While New York State was refusing to help the Mount Kisco neighborhood, the deputy mayor requested that BMW donate trees to Mount Kisco as a condition of receiving a construction approval on Kisco Avenue. The Deputy Mayor further requested that these trees be used to help shield the large road sign, which appears to be centered in a clearing at the end of Washburn Avenue, installed without consideration by the State of New York Department of Transportation.

At the November 1 meeting, the Deputy Mayor was given assurances that the trees would be planted on November 2. On November 7, the pictures pasted below were taken and still no trees were planted.

Finally, on November 8, months after the issue was first raised, trees were planted in attempt to obscure the sign and improve the environment. A follow-up story will be printed at the end of the week.

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