Graffiti on Maple Avenue

In response to an article in titled, “Kisco Fix: Fix Neglect on Maple Avenue,” I received the following email:

Your pics missed the graffiti sprawled on the back of the building. You can see it from the train platform. It’s been there for several years. There is also obscenities sprawled across the back of Mario’s pizza–another town property.

Pretty basic to keep up with, but the town does not.

This graffiti has been there for over two years and is pictured below. Also, I noticed a sign restricting certain activities duriing library hours. The library moved from Maple Avenue in September 2009, over 18 months ago. I think the sign can be taken down now.

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  1. supportmk2 says:

    Did you see that the back of the library has been cleaned! Great job! Now can we get the graffiti under the MTA overpasses. I called a couple times. Town claims it is MTA. MTA claims it is the town. It may also be county or state as they own the streets.

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