How Will Health Care Vote Impact John Hall’s Reelection?

Last Thursday, Congressman John Hall was at the Mount Kisco Senior Center to discuss health care. Three weeks ago, the Congressman that represents Mount Kisco voted for the health care reform bill. In a statement that explained his vote, John Hall wrote the following:

From the day I first took office, I have sought major health insurance reform. It is long overdue. The cost of doing nothing is simply too high. For those of us fortunate to have coverage, our premiums continue to skyrocket. Everyone knows someone whose insurance company refused to pay for treatment their doctor ordered, or dropped their coverage altogether when they got sick and needed it most. . . .

This bill is fiscally responsible. It will cut the federal deficit by $138 billion in the first ten years, and by $1.2 trillion in the second decade. It keeps Medicare strong and healthy for years to come. According to state estimates, this bill will save New York more than $1 billion a year in Medicaid funding.

I think we all understand that insurance companies are not going to reform themselves. I think we all agree that every American should have access to the best health care in the world. Saying “No,” isn’t an answer to the problems our country faces. This bill demonstrates that we as a nation can say “Yes,” and come together to solve the big challenges we face.

Will John Hall’s vote on this health care bill affect his re-election chances?

A look at potential Republican challengers and their position on this bill will follow in another article.

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One Response to How Will Health Care Vote Impact John Hall’s Reelection?

  1. Kevin says:

    His vote will positively lead to the loss of his seat in November. This Health Care Law was not the means of Health Care reform that our country needed. There were lots of problems with our health care system before this bill, and rather than fixing this problem the bill enhances the problem with more of a government takeover.

    Look at Social Security and how bad our government is managing that; if the U.S. government can’t manage a pension system, I do not want them to manage my health care, my life. To move further, this health care bill will actually hurt social security as it takes away from assumed future taxed income that would have gone to social security. Assumed, means we may not even get it and they will still take it.

    To say that this bill will decrease the deficit is just bogus, and I think the American people are smarter than that. It may artificially bring down deficits because the cost doesn’t pick up for a few years, but everyone knows the long term result of this bill will be nothing more than another hardship on the constituents of the 19th CD will have to deal with.

    There are other alternatives out there to try and solve the health care crisis and bring down costs. One recent idea that has been brought forth is to deregulate the restrictions on insurance companies so they may cross state lines. Some states have far cheaper plans with just as good coverage. Why not let us, the people decide what we want.

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