Injured Firemen Recovering from Maple Avenue Fire

On April 15, 2010, there was a fire at 50 Maple Avenue. The building at 50 Maple Avenue is a 2 1/2 story legal non-conforming four family residence. It is legal non-conforming since it was allegedly a four family house before Mount Kisco’s current zoning codes were instituted. The fire has been deemed to be suspicious since it appeared to start from outside of the house.

Luckily no residents were injured or killed. Two firemen needed medical attention and are recovering.

It was only due to the fast and efficient actions of the Mount Kisco Fire Department that the house was not completely destroyed and the fire was contained.

This is the third fire on Maple Avenue within two years. In November 2009, there was a fire in a closet in a second floor apartment at 14 Maple Avenue. In 2008, there was a fire at 90 Maple Avenue caused by overcrowding and substandard electrical conditions.

There have also been incidents of violent crime and other unexplained activity on Maple Avenue.

Only as a result of tragic conditions have there been any prosecution of building violations. After the fire at 90 Maple Avenue, the building owner was fined $6,000 for occupancy and electrical violations. A minimal fine was imposed against the owner of 103 Maple Avenue after the police department documented several code violations after the body of a dead man was found in the back yard.

More needs to be done to make living conditions safer for the residents of Maple Avenue and the residents of Mount Kisco. It needs to start with the Building Department.

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