Just Dogs! Closes in Mount Kisco

Another business in Mount Kisco, this time “Just Dogs!” on Main Street, is closing.  Over the last month, during this campaign season and in reaction to so many business closings, there has been a discussion on whether or not Mount Kisco is a business friendly town.  While many businesses close due to high rents, some businesses that would succeed in Mount Kisco are turned away.


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At this location on Main Street, Isi Albanese, a local business owner, turned an eyesore gas station with a truck rental business and no parking into a sparkling new retail facility with parking for the VIllage of Mount Kisco.  His removal of the eyesore, however, was not enough for the Mount Kisco Planning Board.

The Mount Kisco Planning Board, which includes Joseph Cosentino and current candidate for Mount Kisco Trustee Joseph Morreale, would not let Mr. Albanese put a smoothie store into this building because they did not want to allow him to use an available parking space – which did not exist before – for a garbage bin for the used banana peels that the smoothie store would certainly generate.

The location next to the movie theater would have been an excellent location for this type of store and the business probably would have been successful and occupied the rental location for some time.  Instead, unfortunately, there is another empty storefront in Mount Kisco.

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One Response to Just Dogs! Closes in Mount Kisco

  1. hannah says:

    Maybe if there were more than 2 or 3 landlords in Mount Kisco, things would be different.
    When they really own the whole town, they can make sure what people have to do to set up
    a buisness is all under their control. Nothing will ever change in Mt. Kisco

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