Kisco Fix: End Free Taxi Parking

While most Mount Kisco residents have to pay for parking in Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco taxis just park anywhere they want without paying the meter or paying for parking tags. This is especially true in the North Moger lot where taxis from KES and Ernie’s consistently park in the northeast area of the lot during the day (as pictured below) or at night. Of course, this free parking is not limited to taxis. Free parking is also available to semis as well (see picture below).

The unchecked parking of taxis and commercial vehicles is the result of an unsupervised and largely ignored parking enforcement department. This problem, along with shortages in the police staffing and weak code enforcement, has existed for at least a decade. I know attending ribbon cutting ceremonies at the hospital is important village business but addressing long-standing problems should also be on the agenda of the mayor and the trustees.

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