Kisco Fix: Sign a Contract with the Mutuals

Sixth in a Series

As this space wrote, there are quite a few projects and tasks that need to be performed in Mount Kisco. Some of these are small capital projects while others might involve hiring a new employee or passing a new local law. Others are projects, like the one highlighted today, to make the village run better.

The  Village of Mount Kisco must sign a contract with the Mutual Engine & Hose Co. No. 1.  This fire company has been without a contract with the Village of Mount Kisco since May 31, 2009, over eighteen months.  Of course, from the Village of Mount Kisco’s point of view, 19 months without a contract is nothing considering that the Village of Mount Kisco has gone 43 months (nearly four years) without signing a contract with its police and the Mount Kisco PBA.

While the Village of Mount Kisco has contracts with the other fire companies, it should do whatever is necessary to reach agreement with the Mutual Engine & Hose Co.  As written here in this space on December 23, it is hypocritical for elected officials to praise the actions of first responders but not provide for their needs, whether it is the Zadroga 9/11 Health Bill or a negotiated service contract that gives a local fire company the resources it needs.

The Village of Mount Kisco is providing a disincentive to its first responders, both police and fire, instead of rewarding them.  On the other hand, by not hiring a full-time code enforcement officer, it is not providing a disincentive to those who break its zoning laws with overcrowding.

The Mutual Engine & Hose, along with the other fire companies, provide the village with excellent fire protection.  They also provide the village with many other volunteer services.  For instance, they are spearheading the creation of a 9/11 Memorial.  They also recently delievered holiday presents for patients in Northern Westchester Hospital.  They are not asking for a present from the Village of Mount Kisco, just a fairly negotiated contract.

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