La Marqueta Changes Store Windows

In a June 2, 2010 entry in this blog, we noted La Marqueta’s two large paper signs that covered a good portion of its large windows. The two signs read “WE NOW ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS” and “WE NOW ACCEPT NEW YORK STATE WIC PROGRAM.” While there is no shame to receive public assistance from the federal or state governments to buy food for your family, we noted that the cheaply made banners were an eyesore and would be better placed inside the store or, alternatively, La Marqueta could place smaller signs in its windows to replace the current banner size signs.  See the before and after pictures below:

We are happy to report that La Marqueta removed the large unsightly signs. As a result, we can now focus on the benefits of having a store like La Marqueta in Mount Kisco noted in a recent article in the New York Times

Now if we could only do something about the lawsuits filed by La Marqueta’s neighbor reported on by The Examiner in a recent news story.

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