Lapses in Enforcement and Prosecution Delay Attention to Elman’s

For several hundred years, merchants have been providing services to their clients in buildings and under shelter.  Even the colonial blacksmith provided services indoors.  In Mount Kisco today, one business fights against hundreds of years of civilization by repairing cars outside.  As you can see from the pictures below, taken on different days, the business on the corner of Lexington Avenue and Moore Avenue, known as Elman Bros. or InterCityTires, repairs cars outside.

Current Mount Kisco zoning laws require that automotive repairs and services be conducted indoors.  While this business has been servicing cars outdoors for some time, its continuation and expansion of automobile repair services outside may violate zoning laws.  In March 2010, the owner of the property at 281 Lexington Avenue was served with an appearance ticket to appear in the Town Justice Court of the Village / Town of Mount Kisco to answer alleged violations of Mount Kisco’s zoning laws.

While the appearance ticket was served over four months ago, there has been no change in the business practice at “Elman Bros.”  Since Mount Kisco does not have a full-time code enforcement officer and does not have a full-time prosecutor, the prosecution of all violations, including housing violations, takes years.  During the time that each case is waiting to be heard in court, the alleged violation may continue.  As a result, expect “Elman Bros.” to be repairing cars outside without concern.

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