Lenox Place Business Trying to Prohibit Parking from a Public Street

On Lenox Street, there is a No Parking – Loading Zone that prohibits parking from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. That traffic and parking promulgation is printed on street signs installed by the Village of Mount Kisco. Either a new business or the building owner at 10 Lenox Place, however, is trying to expand the parking regulations to prohibit parking at all times.

Either the busines or building owner put up No Parking signs informing anyone interested in parking on the public street that they will be towed away. It is unclear under what authority that towing would take place. One resident informed mountkisconews.com that the business owner told him he could not park there and he would call the police. See the pictures below.

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One Response to Lenox Place Business Trying to Prohibit Parking from a Public Street

  1. Mike Castro says:

    There is a similar situation by Conti’s Seafood. The sign on the pole says 30 minute parking to corner, but the sign on the fence says “No Parking, Active Driveway”. I have always assumed the sign on the fence was put there by the owner and carries no authority whatsoever. I think I’ll put a sign in front of the space across the street that says, “No Parking – Mike’s Spot”.

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