Lieutenant Clavie Retires; Police Department Numbers Low

At Monday night’s meeting of the board of trustees of the Village of Mount Kisco, the mayor delivered a proclamation thanking Lieutenant Clavie for his twenty years of service to the Village of Mount Kisco.  Lieutenant Clavie served as a patrol officer, detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant of the Mount Kisco Police Department.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2005 and Lieutenant in 2008 with both promotions made by the current Village Board.  He was a valued member of the department and will be missed.

To help fill the leadership void left by Lieutenant Clavie, two members of the police department were promoted to sergeant.  Mayor Cindrich announced that both Detective Reitter and Police Officer Spinelli were promoted to sergeant.  Both of these are well-deserved appointments.

Unfortunately, the police department faces a personnel shortage.  It is generally accepted that the police department should operate with 35 members.  With Lieutenant Clavie’s retirement, the Mount Kisco police department is left with 32 officers. There are, unfortunately, 3 officers that have not been active members for a substantial amount of time leaving the department with 29 officers or down approximately 20%.  If there are any more retirements or if an officer is injured, the shortfall will be higher.

New police officers must be selected wisely but without delay.  Without the prompt action, the mission of the Mount Kisco Police Department will be more difficult.  There are currently five budgeted and unfilled openings.

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