Lisa Pauling Receives Award for EMS Leadership

As written here on September 17, 2010 and as featured in an article by Barbara Livingston Nackman in today’s Journal News, Lisa Pauling received an award for Emergency Medical Service Leadership from the New York State Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Association.

The article discusses Lisa’s service and leadership to the community and includes quotes from other ambulance corps members, her supervisor at Westchester County’s Emergency Communications Center and members of the Mount Kisco community. Almost all of the quotes center on Lisa’s dedication to helping others. The plaudits for Lisa include one from Tom Brady, general manager of the Mount Kisco Athletic Club. Mr. Brady summed it up nicely by saying that “Lisa has proven time and again her dedication to the Mount Kisco community.”

Congratulations to Lisa Pauling on receiving this well-deserved award.

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One Response to Lisa Pauling Receives Award for EMS Leadership

  1. Michelle Brill says:

    Just found out about the award and think this is absolutely Fantastic!!!! I’m so happy to finally see that your service and dedication have been seen by others and on such a large scale. It’s about time that we see some good news ANYwhere and about “one of our own”. It’s nice to see others encouraging eachother rather than knock spmebody off the “way up”! You did a great job and should be very proud of yourself. Congrats!!!! Job Well Done!! Please keep doing a our community a well-needed service, and continue doing what you’re doing. Thank you VERY much!

    Michelle Brill. 11/14/10 at 11:25pm

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