Mayor Recognizes Rescuers

At the May 3, 2010 meeting of the Mount Kisco Village Board, Mayor Michael Cindrich honor two individuals that were instrumental in protecting Mount Kisco residents’ safety by detecting and entering into a burning building on Maple Avenue.

EMS paramedic and Yorktown volunteer fireman Jeff Slotoroff detected smoke coming from a building on Maple Avenue, called for help and then entered the building several times to wake residents and help them out of the building. Mount Kisco police officer James Whalen arrived quickly on the scene and entered the building to help close doors to contain the fire. Officer Whalen also used his knowledge of the building to identify apartments where residents may be sleeping in this existing non-conforming four family house.

As Mayor Cindrich aptly described, these two rescuers ran towards danger and took action when human instinct is to move away from danger.

Missing from the presentation was the Mount Kisco Fire Department who reacted quickly, entered the burning building and extinguished the fire on a windy day before it spread to neighboring homes.

Mount Kisco thanks Jeff Slotoroff, James Whalen and the Mount Kisco Fire Department for their service to the community.

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