Mount Kisco Board of Trustees Continues to Debate “Lodging House” Law

The Mount Kisco Village Board and the Village staff continue to debate the proposed law introduced by Deputy Mayor Peter DiChiara and Trustee Peter Grunthal to ban “lodging houses” in Mount Kisco. Among other items, a lodging house would be defined as a dwelling unit where “utilities for residents are separated through separate utility meters, electrical or cable connections and/or satellite dishes and/or separate subscriptions or accounts for such utilities, including electric, phone and/or cable or satellite television.”

This proposed law might, for example, require examination of structures like the two-family house pictured below with five satellite dishes. Although there may be a good reason the house has five satellite dishes (e.g., they may be for the business at this location – Lidia’s Travel), five satellite dishes in one location on a house roof may raise other questions.

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