Mount Kisco Defeats Pleasantville in Final 2010 Dual Meet

In a total team effort, Mount Kisco defeated Pleasantville 259-235 in Mount Kisco’s final dual meet of 2010.  While this week’s defeat of Yorktown was paced by the diving of Connor Farrell and the swimming of Matt Karle, Pleasantville however, did not have a dive team and Matt Karle could not attend the meet. Nevertheless, Mount Kisco prevailed.

After falling behind Pleasantville in the first two strokes, the backstroke and the breast stroke, Mount Kisco rallied in the butterfly and free style to win the meet.  The Mount Kisco team cheered each other on and encouraged each other to a victory over a strong opponent.

Thank you to the swim and dive team coaches. The swim team coaches were Kim Holden with assistants Chris Cerutti, Jenn DiChiara, Matt Karle, Ian Kleinsmith, Breeda Mannion, Luke Salvatore, Katie Tipa and Maria Trujillo. The dive team coaches were Ben Ash with assistants Connor Farrell and Tommy Wolkwitz.

Below are pictures from the meet.

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  1. george griffin says:

    Congratulations to our swim team on a great victory. Mt Kisco has a great swim program for our kids. Keep up the good work!

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