Mount Kisco Democratic Committee vs. People of Mount Kisco

As recently written on, in August, according to a decision entered by Democratic Judge Farrell, charges against 93 West Main Street for “failure to keep the premises at 93 West Main Street free from hazardous conditions” were dismissed.  The conditions at 93 West Main Street were written about here in August 2009.

Even though these charges were dismissed, there is still at least one pending charge against the residence and obvious property maintenance violations noticeable from the street.  Even though there is a case in court in Mount Kisco against the owner of the property, the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee asked the owner for a favor to put a 32-square foot sign on his lawn.  This raises the question, how well will the Mount Kisco Democrats encourage the prosecution of charges against the owner of the house if his efforts help them get elected?

It is one thing to totally ignore code enforcement as Mayor Michael Cindrich has done since he was elected, it is another to ask political favors of a home owner with an active case being prosecuted in the Mount Kisco courts.

The record of Mayor Michael Cindrich with respect to code enforcement is abyssmal.  To begin with, Mayor Michael Cindrich has appointed largely ineffective prosecutors – most prosecutors have either been members of the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee or their spouses.  Further, he and the majority of the Democrats on the Village Board have refused to include a full-time code enforcement officer in the Mount Kisco budget, a position that would likely pay for itself by an increase in fines collected.  The mayor and several of the trustees show little passion for code enforcement.  The few times the mayor does show any passion, it is usually in connection with the building department’s attempts to enforce the village code against Diamond Properties regarding the development of 333 North Bedford Road.

If Mount Kisco re-elects the Mount Kisco Democratic candidates, code enforcement will continue to lag.  After all, if Michael Cindrich could not improve code enforcement with his Democratic cronies in seven years, what makes anyone think that code enforcement will improve with another year of candidates nominated by the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee and supported by Michael Cindrich?

Trustee Pete DiChiara, running on an independent line, the Kisco Action Party, because he is tired of the failure of the current administration, has written and championed the passage of a landlord registry law and a law that decreased allowable building development coverage.  He voted against the current budget because it did not include, among other items, a full-time code enforcement officer.  Along with Trustee Peter Grunthal, he wrote a law to prohibit “lodging houses” in Mount Kisco.  Unfortunately, these efforts will die if Mount Kisco residents just vote on the Democratic party line for candidates nominated by the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee.

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