Mount Kisco Little League: Potential Tradgedy Turned to Triumph

After divine and human intervention, a potential life-threatening tradgedy was turned into triumph with the Mount Kisco Little League receiving three defibrillators through donations.

During a Mount Kisco Little League travel game at Lewisboro, a routine play and collision at second base triggered a medical issue. Ten-year old Michael Corsi, who was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, had his heart stop after an apparent blow to the chest.

As a result of what may have been divine intervention, a cardiologist was at the field to step in and revive Michael Corsi. Michael Corsi’s coach Ralph Nuzzi had often asked his cousin, Dr. Carmine Sorbera, to attend one of Mount Kisco’s Little League games. Since this game was in Lewisboro, Dr. Sorbera, a Lewisboro resident, finally relented and attended the game. As a result of Dr. Sorbera’s skill and knowledge, Michael Corsi was revived and was able to receive the medical attention necessary to allow him to live a normal life. Dr. Sorbera’s life-saving actions were only the first beneficial intervention.

In February, the MKLL applied for one of six SNY (Mets’ cable network) $5,000 grants for the sole purpose of purchasing two defibrillators. While the grants were awarded elsewhere, the MKLL was encouraged us to re-apply next year. The Mets also directed the MKLL to Marguerite White, Regional Director of Community Outreach for Sports Authority who just this year pioneered an AED placement program with Sports Authority and had already placed eight units in neighboring counties. After the accident at the field in Lewisboro, the Sports Authority responded by donating a defibrillator to the Little League and 75 XO Athletic HeartShields chest pads. The Corsi family also responded by donating money and helping to raise donations so two additional defibrillators could be purchased for the Mount Kisco Little League. Hopefully, they will never need to be used.

Last night, at the Sports Authority, a clinic was held to host the Mount Kisco Little League and inform their parents and family members how to use a defibrillator. As a special treat for the Little Leaguers (and their parents), Dwight “Doc” Gooden was on hand to speak to the Mount Kisco Little League and sign autographs.

Also, present was State Senator Greg Ball to praise Sports Authority and encourage them to facilitate the expansion of the AED placement program both regionally and nationally. “I want to thank Sports Authority for stepping up to the plate,” said Ball. “It’s a beautiful thing when the private sector stands up because there’s a lot of things that government cannot do, especially in these tough economic times. Let’s make sure we do what it takes to bring this program statewide, as well as communities across the nation” added Ball.

Special thanks to the Corsi family for sharing this story and raising money and awareness for the defibrillators, the Mount Kisco Little League – specifically Ed Reilly, Beth Romski and Ralph Nuzzi, Dr. Carmine Sorbera, Marguerite White and the Sports Authority and Deputy Mayor George Griffin and the American Legion.

Pictured below are a few pictures from the event which started at the American Legion and ended at the Sports Authority. For more pictures, see the pictures taken by Art Nelson using this link.

Pictured below: Marguerite White addressing the Little Leaguers and their families (coach Ralph Nuzzi is watching in the background), the two doctors – Sorbera and Gooden, Dr. Sorbera with Michaels Corsi.

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