Mount Kisco Police Department Hires New Officers

On Monday, August 9, the Mount Kisco Village Board will announce the hiring of two new police officers. One new officer has already started his training in Mount Kisco while a second new officer will not hit the streets until he finishes the police academy.

Samuel Fagin, the officer currently in training in Mount Kisco, transferred to Mount Kisco from the New York Police Department. Jeff Slotoroff, the officer in the police academy, is an EMT that was commended by the Mount Kisco Village Board in May for detecting smoke from a building on Maple Avenue and then entering the building several times to wake residents and help them out safely. The picture below shows Jeff Slotoroff receiving a commendation from Mayor Michael Cindrich along with Police Officer James Whalen.

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The Mount Kisco Police Department still needs to hire a few additional officers but this is a good start.

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