Mount Kisco Rotary Supports Local Athletic Groups

Each year, the Mount Kisco Rotary holds a breakfast to raise money for local programs and charities. This year the Mount Kisco Rotary’s Annual Pancake Breakfast was held in November and raised money Mount Kisco AYSO soccer, Mount Kisco Little League baseball and Mount Kisco Maroons football. Mount Kisco Rotary recently gave $1,000 to each of the forementioned groups.

Another job well done by the Mount Kisco Rotary Club. See the club’s website for more information.

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  1. Caroline Pasquale says:

    Cheers to Mount Kisco Rotary, but there’s a large part of Mount Kisco Recreation that is always overlooked. We have one of the best town camps in the county. Kids from MKES and West Patent look forward to Summer and Camp Iroquois. The cost is one quarter of other area camps. The counselors are a great group, usually made up of Camp Iroquois alumni. I have sent both of my sons there, my oldest will be a C.I.T. this Summer. Summer camp is just as important as athletic programs, yet, is often overlooked. Lots of people send their kids to Camp Iroquois and wouldn’t think of contributing to make camp a better experience for everyone. Yes, we tip the counselors at the end of camp. But, wouldn’t it be nice for the camp to be able to afford new equipment for a change? Not check out the local tag sales or rely on donations?
    Thanks for your time, and if you feel like I do, spread the word. It would be nice if the kids had a “Summer to remember” at Camp Iroquois.

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