Mount Kisco’s New Landmark – Mercury Hill

As this space wrote two Mondays ago, there are quite a few projects and tasks that need to be performed in Mount Kisco. Some of these are small capital projects while others might involve hiring a new employee or passing a new local law.  Others are projects, like the one highlighted today, that need a committed government that will not look the other way. 

Across from the U.S. Post Office on Morgan Drive in Mount Kisco, there are several large hills.  If you can’t remember how long they have been there, it is easy to say that they have been there too long. They are becoming a new landmark. 
These hills were created during construction of an upscale child care facility.  During construction, mercury-contaminated soil was found on the property.  As a result of the mercury discovery, construction was stopped and the large mounds of dirt were left by the owner or the developer.

The site of this property on Morgan Drive was once the site where Mount Kisco filtered its wastewater.  The mercury could have been dumped from any number of sources.  Mercury vapors can cause a “sick building” and an upscale day care center would want to avoid that problem.  In a law suit in New Jersey, parents are asking the State of New Jersey, Gloucester County and Franklin Township to pay for medical monitoring for children exposed to mercury in a day care facility.  The lawyers for the children contend that that the town is responsible since they knew about a mercury problem and allowed the child care center to be placed there.

The Village of Mount Kisco needs to act to have the owner of the property clean up the site and eliminate the hills. If it is not safe to erect a building that will trap the mercury vapors, there may be other uses for the property. Nevertheless, the property should not be allowed to remain in its current condition.

The pictures below were taken during the summer. Even though there was a drought, some hills were covered with weeds and other growth.

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