Mt. Kisco Ambulance Corps Receiving Calls and Awards

The Mount Kisco Ambulance Corps keeps on receiving calls and awards. In August 2009, the Ambulance Corps answered the call to 104 incidents. There calls have peaked this summer as they have answered 223 calls for July and August, almost four calls each day. This is difficult for a volunteer organization since many of their members are themselves on vacation. The Ambulance Corps, however, has continued to provide excellent service to the community.

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With respect to awards, Captain Lisa Pauling and the Mount Kisco Ambulance Corps was recently informed that Lisa Pauling will be receiving an award for Emergency Medical Service Leadership from the New York State Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Association. The award is given to “an individual who has performed an outstandng service along with initiative and leadership”.  With all of the service that Lisa Pauling has given to Mount Kisco, it is a well-deserved award.

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