Mt. Kisco Democratic Committee Appoints Village Board for Another Two Years

As reported in by Tom Auchterlonie, the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee nominated Mayor Michael Cindrich and Trustees George Griffin and Anthony Markus to run for another term.

The headline of this article, however, reads differently because the nomination by the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee is essentially a reappointment due to the overwhelmingly favorable enrollment advantage the Democrats hold in Mount Kisco. Democrats in Mount Kisco hold a 2 to 1 enrollment majority over Republicans and make up nearly 50% of registered voters in Mount Kisco.

While the incumbents have decided to take another term (why not when they can govern and run without any fear of a challenge), I think the system in New Castle is more democratic and honorable.

New Castle also does not have contested elections as a result of a large enrollment of Democrats. However, the Supervisor of New Castle, usually selected from the Town Board, steps down from the position of Supervisor after serving two terms of two years. Along those lines, Barbara Gerrard announced recently that she would not be accepting the nomination for another term following the precedent set by Janet Wells and Marion Sinek.

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