Not Even Close in Mount Kisco Trustee Election

The election results are in and it was not even close.  The Mount Kisco Democratic Committee candidates Jean Farber received 1,472 votes and Joseph Morreale received 1,460 votes.  On the Republican side, Ted Strauss received 855 votes and Peter Giner received 844 votes.  Pete DiChiara, running as an independent, received only 359 votes.

Congratulations to the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee and their candidates.

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2 Responses to Not Even Close in Mount Kisco Trustee Election

  1. Dawn Nelson says:

    Sorry you didn’t win Pete. You had our support and the town is worse off for not electing you. I hope the new people coming in support the causes and issues we care most about in this town.
    – Dawn

  2. Mitchell Barczy says:

    Pete, You had my support! Don’t give up. Mount Kisco needs people like you to lead them through the reeds.

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