Oh No, Expect Over a Foot of Snow

At 11:00 this morning, the snow has begun to fall in Mount Kisco. According to News12, Mount Kisco can expect over 14 inches of snow.

Take the time to stock up now on the staples and make sure there is gas for the snow blower if you have one. Also remember to stay off the roads to make it easier on the Mount Kisco Highway Department.

In the event of snow, please call 241-Snow (241-7669) to see if a Snow Emergency has been declared. If a snow emergency has been declared:

1. All vehicles must be removed from public streets during the hours of the snow emergency
2. Off-street parking is available in all municipal lots during a snow emergency
3. No person shall throw or deposit snow upon any plowed portion of any street or roadway
4. Homeowners are responsible for the actions of private contractors in their employ
5. Please shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the snowstorm has ended
6. Please make sure your sidewalk is safe for pedestrians

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