On Super Bowl Sunday, Remember the Maroons

Today, as the New York Giants play the New England Patriots (a Jet fan’s nightmare), we should think about those who don’t play for pay.

Mount Kisco is lucky to have the Mount Kisco Junior Football League, Inc. and the football team they support, the Mount Kisco Maroons. The Maroons have a team of coaches that teach 5th and 6th graders how to play football and be part of a team.

The Maroons have players from Mount Kisco, Bedford and Pound Ridge and prepare them to be teammates at Fox Lane. Each year, they donate a college scholarship money to former players to help former Maroons succeed in college.

Stanley Greene and Mike McLoughlin are officers of the Mount Kisco Junior Football League and lead coaches of the Maroons. The players also benefit from the coaching of Coaches Jobin, James, Ken, Kevin, Anthony, Leon and Brian.

At this awards ceremony, Stanley Greene expressed hope that one year, a player of his will be on an NFL sideline and thank him for his coaching. Hopefully, one day that will happen. In reality, he has hundreds of players that thank him for the lessons he teaches them as they grow up to be better men.

This Super Bowl Sunday, remember the Maroons.

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  1. Mike says:

    David Mt.Kisco DID have a Mt.Kisco Marooner who was with the NFL. He was a walk-on forn Bostin Collage and played for New England Pats His Name—-David Green Lived on Maple Ave and his father Bobby ” LITTLE MAN ” Green worked for Whalens

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