Photos of the Week

%kisco%mount kisco news%kisco%mount kisco news%kisco%mount kisco newsThese photos were taken by Art Nelson, a very talented local photographer. The photos were taken during Mount Kisco Little League’s opening day. Art has created a website that will include all of his photos taken duriing this opening day and future MKLL photos he will take this season.

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Quote of the Week

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” – Eli Khamarov

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Pictures from Opening Day 2011

Led by the Mount Kisco Fire Department Ancient Fife & Drum Corps, the Mount Kisco Little League opened up its 2011 season.

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Autism Awareness Month Comes to a Close

At the beginning of April, there was a lot of news about Autism Awareness Month. The Autism Society has been celebrating Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s and the U.S. recognizes April as a special opportunity for everyone to educate the public about autism and issues within the autism community. Many public buildings were lit up blue to raise awareness.

There are, unfortunately, too many instances when those with autism and other disabilities are discriminated against and people are not sensitive to their needs. On Thursday night, there was a hearing for a group home for four young adults with autism. One of those children was my daughter Christine (pictured below with her sister Jennifer). Some of the neighbors came out to complain. They shouted, threatened and showed their intolerance to those with autism and special needs.

In our own Bedford Central School District, there is insensitivity. One Fox Lane High School English teacher last year said to his class, “you would have to be a retard to get this question wrong.” Some kids laughed, but my daughter Jennifer did not. When Jennifer was in seventh grade, she wrote a paper (quoted below) about how it is wrong to use the word retard as a label. Interesting how the students have more sense and sensitivity than those that are teaching them.

%kisco%mount kisco news

This is how the learning and understanding and acceptance begin.
It takes small steps and education to tear down labels. People give
more love when they understand. In many ways I am so lucky to
have Christine in my family. She has taught so much about tolerance
and compassion. Without her I’d be just another kid in the hallway
saying “retard” under my breath.

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Support Mount Kisco Child Care Center with a Click

Mount Kisco Child Care Center’s award-winning JEWEL (Joining Elders With Early Learners) program joins our young children with older adults from My Second Home, a program of Family Services of Westchester, our on-site neighbors. JEWEL is the first shared site, intergenerational program of its kind in Westchester County, and is a collaboration between MKCCC and Family Services of Westchester.

An application has been submitted to The Eisner Foundation for the 2011 Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence, valued at $100,000! The Eisner Prize is designed to recognize excellence by an individual or a non-profit organization in uniting multiple generations, especially seniors and youth, to bring about positive and lasting changes in their community. At this point, The Eisner Foundation has selected twenty semi-finalists for the 2011 Eisner Prize, and our JEWEL program is among them!

The Foundation is narrowing the twenty semi-finalists to five finalists, each of whom will receive a $5,000 award. The Eisner Prize Review Committee will select four finalists and a fifth finalist will be selected by popular vote, by visitors to this website. From those five finalists, the Eisner Prize Review Committee will select one $100,000 winner for the 2011 Eisner Prize.

Please go here and vote for JEWEL. There is one vote per computer, so please vote from each of your computers, and encourage friends, family and co-workers to vote too! Voting closes May 15, 2011.

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Details of Trip of WTC Beam for Memorial in Mount Kisco

As reported earlier, on April 7, 2011, the Mount Kisco Fire Department, as part of its 9/11 Memorial under construction, brought a steel beam from the World Trade Center. The steel beam was donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the donation was coordinated by Mount Kisco fireman John Boddie. Many volunteers gave their time and equipment to bring the beam to Mount Kisco.

The beam weighs 612 pounds and is six feet long, three feet wide and one foot high. The beam was a floor beam in the World Trade Center and it is believed to be from the North Tower. The Mount Kisco Fire Department had to pick up the beam from the Port Authority at Hangar 17 at JFK and bring the beam to Mount Kisco.

First, the MKFD used a truck from Vincent’s Garage and Service Station on Fenimore Road in Mamaroneck. This truck transported the beam from JFK to Mamaroneck. In Mamaroneck, the beam was transferred to a truck provided by Mike Minnella of MJM Towing. From Mamaroneck, the beam was brought to Mount Kisco by MJM Towing and an escort from the MKFD, MKPD motorcycle patrol with Carlos Lopez and James Whalen, and the FDNY Fire Riders motorcycle club.

The 9/11 memorial is set to be placed on the north side of the Mount Kisco Public Library and will feature two granite towers rising from a reflective pool; each tower will be engraved with the names of the 343 brave firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. The memorial is being constructed and financed solely by volunteer labor and donations of all sizes from local firefighters, residents, and businesses.

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Kisco Fix: End Free Taxi Parking

While most Mount Kisco residents have to pay for parking in Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco taxis just park anywhere they want without paying the meter or paying for parking tags. This is especially true in the North Moger lot where taxis from KES and Ernie’s consistently park in the northeast area of the lot during the day (as pictured below) or at night. Of course, this free parking is not limited to taxis. Free parking is also available to semis as well (see picture below).

The unchecked parking of taxis and commercial vehicles is the result of an unsupervised and largely ignored parking enforcement department. This problem, along with shortages in the police staffing and weak code enforcement, has existed for at least a decade. I know attending ribbon cutting ceremonies at the hospital is important village business but addressing long-standing problems should also be on the agenda of the mayor and the trustees.

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Baseball Parade this Saturday Morning to Leonard Park

It must really be spring because Mount Kisco’s Opening Day Parade will take place this Satuday, leaving Mount Kisco Village Hall at 10:00 am and marching up to Leonard Park. The parade, as always, will be led by the Mount Kisco Fire Department Ancient Fife & Drum Corps.

After the parade, there will be a short ceremony before the opening day games for the baseball leagues. For more information, use the link for Mount Kisco Little League under 1 Kisco Links.

The picture in the header above is from the 2009 opening day ceremony and is one of my favorite Mount Kisco pictures. Robert Horne, one of the coaches of Bueti’s, sends a baseball quote to his players with each of his emails. One of the quotes he shared was from Rogers Hornsby: “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

Play ball.

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Kisco Fix: Need to Eliminate More Graffiti in Mount Kisco

A reader of emailed me recently with the following:

Did you see that the back of the library has been cleaned! Great job! Now can we get the graffiti under the MTA overpasses. I called a couple times. Town claims it is MTA. MTA claims it is the town.

Even if the ultimate responsibility does not fall on the Village of Mount Kisco, it would take only a few hours and a gallon of paint to cover up this graffiti. When thousands of train riders pass this graffiti each day, the train riders develop a bad image of Mount Kisco, not the MTA or any other government agency. Hopefully, this graffiti can be eradicated.

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Photo of the Week

This week’s photos of the week are titled “Easter Egg Hunt” and are provided by Mount Kisco Daily Photo.

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