MKES Pasta Dinner Tonight

Tonight, Friday, March 18 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, the MKES 5th graders will be holding their annual Pasta Dinner at the Mount Kisco Elementary School. The school cafeteria will be transformed into a quaint Italian restaurant with live music. The 5th graders will act as waiters and waitresses during the event as their family members work hard behind the scenes in the kitchen. The Pasta Dinner is the third in a series of fundraisers throughout the school year in which the fifth graders work to earn money to contribute to the cost of special field trips for their class. Tickets can be purchased at the door on the evening of the event for $8 for adults and $5.00 for children ages 4 to 12.

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Photo of the Week

This picture “FLAG-FOR MARCH 17” by Vito Pasquale of Mount Kisco Daily Photo and Vito Pasquale Photography is posted for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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For the month of March, 20% of all purchases from Vito Pasquale Photography will be donated to the Mount Kisco Elementary School Association (MKESA).

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MKFD to Hold Second Fundraiser at Teddy’s on March 16

The 9/11 Memorial Monument Committee for the Mt. Kisco Volunteer Fire Department will be holding a second fundraising event at Teddy’s at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco on Wednesday, March 16. A portion of the proceeds from Teddy’s will be added to the 9/11 Memorial Fund. At the last event at Teddy’s, the MKFD raised $5,000 for the 9/11 Memorial Fund and hope to have another successful evening.

In addition to tonight’s fundraiser, the committee is still selling tickets to win a new Camaro. See flyer below.

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Mount Kisco Village Board Believe Code Enforcement is Overbearing

On March 10, after a phone call from a resident complaining about a neighboring property, I published a picture of a car on Lawrence Street parked on a property’s lawn. When I returned over the weekend to see if the car was moved, the car was not moved. Instead, I noticed a second car parked on a neighboring lawn (see picture below). That is, however, what happens. When there is no enforcement, infractions increase.

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On the other hand, according to the minutes of the Village Board’s February 22 meeting (page 4), Deputy Mayor Griffin, Jr. noted he has received numerous complaints about some of the tactics of our Code Enforcement people. He complained that a summons is issued to certain homeowners instead of confronting the home owner or the person responsible. First, the Village of Mount Kisco does not have “Code Enforcement people,” it has one part-time Code Enforcement Officer. If Deputy Mayor Griffin has an issue, perhaps he should confront the person instead of issuing a broad proclamation. Second, in my ten years as a Trustee, the only complaints I heard about overzealous code enforcement was from Village Board members who either received summonses or had their friends receive summonses. Lastly, many properties have absentee landlords who cannot be easily located.

Trustee Morreale stated that when he and Trustee Farber were campaigning, the feeling among some of the residents is of a lack of professionalism in Code Enforcement. He continued “I think if people are concerned about this we should take a position and take a look at it and see if it goes beyond just giving summonses and not dealing with people.” He added that Code Enforcement should “not be punitive.”

Trustee Morreale must not have talked to residents around Spring Street who are crying for code enforcement from landlords who are taking advantage of Mount Kisco and less fortunate residents by creating hotels out of their properties and creating fire hazards. Trustee Morreale must not have spoken with residents around Grove Street and Leonard Street who are begging for code enforcement. Maybe he should speak to a few of Mount Kisco’s first responders who have been injured responding to fires caused by unsafe conditions. The next time a first responder is injured in a fire caused by a negligent property owner, Trustee Morreale should go to the hospital and ease the injured party’s pain by telling them “don’t worry, the Village of Mount Kisco acted extremely professional to the landlord that caused the situation leading to your injuries.”

There are many code violations that are causing unsafe conditions in Mount Kisco. If there are a few isolated incidents where the “Code Enforcement people” were unprofessional, speak with them. To, however, make a public proclamation that may result in a chilling effect on proper code enforcement is dangerous for the residents of Mount Kisco.

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Quotation of the Week

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. – Irish Author Samuel Beckett

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Pictures from Mount Kisco’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The pictures below are from today’s Mount Kisco’s St. Patrick’s Day. George Griffin (upper left) served as the parade’s grand marshall.

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Photo of the Week

This picture, titled “NO GAME TODAY“, is from Mount Kisco Daily Photo. The picture is one of the baseball fields at Leonard Park currently under water. Soon, however, these fields will be able to host Little League games soon.

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Mount Kisco Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday at 2:00

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Frank H. Fox Division 16, will hold their Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 12, 2011. The parade will line up on Moore Street and start at 2:00 p.m. The parade will head north on Main Street before making a “U” turn and heading south on South Moger Avenue. George Griffin will be the Grand Marshall of the parade.

Honored as Hibernian of the Year will be Anne Cullinane. Anne is an outstanding volunteer for many worthwhile causes in both Mount Kisco and for other organizations, such as the Rosary Hill Nursing Home. The annual friend of the Hibernian is Lou Roberti and Armand Basi of Mount Kisco Chevrolet, generous supporters of the St. Patrick’s Day parade

In connection with the parade, there will be a mass held on Saturday, March 12 prior to the parade at St. Francis of Assisi Church at 11:30 a.m.

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Troll, Reveal Thyself: Why we need to get rid of anonymous comments.

Reprinted from Slate By Farhad Manjoo

Once or twice a week, I get a letter taking me to task for Slate’s commenting policy. The reader wants to tell me that I suck, but he doesn’t want to log in to Slate’s comment system using his credentials for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Twitter. Obviously this requirement doesn’t bother everyone; hundreds of people happily sign in every week to tell me I suck. Yet I imagine that there are lots more people who are itching to chime in but who are put out by the login process.

. . .

I can’t speak for my bosses, who might feel differently than I do. But as a writer, my answer is no—I don’t want anonymous commenters. Everyone who works online knows that there’s a direct correlation between the hurdles a site puts up in front of potential commenters and the number and quality of the comments it receives. The harder a site makes it for someone to post a comment, the fewer comments it gets, and those comments are generally better.

I think Slate’s commenting requirements—and those of many other sites—aren’t stringent enough. Slate lets people log in with accounts from Google and Yahoo, which are essentially anonymous; if you want to be a jerk in Slate’s comments, create a Google account and knock yourself out. If I ruled the Web, I’d change this. I’d make all commenters log in with Facebook or some equivalent third-party site, meaning they’d have to reveal their real names to say something in a public forum. . . .

Web sites should move toward requiring people to reveal their real names when engaging in all online behavior that’s understood to be public—when you’re posting a restaurant review or when you’re voting up a story on Reddit, say. In almost all cases, the Web would be much better off if everyone told the world who they really are.

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Neighborhood Pictures

After a phone call from a resident complaining about a neighboring property, I took this picture of this car on Lawrence Strret parked next to the road facing traffic (not illegal because it is not on the road) and without license plates (property owners are allowed one unregistered vehicle). The vehicle, however, is not parked in a driveway and may be parked in the Village’s right of way. Hopefully, the car will be moved soon.

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